Reports and Publications

Current Publications

For the latest financial results and publications on Charity Bank, please click on the links below. For past financial information please visit the Companies House website.

Charity Bank Impact Report 2021

Charity Bank Impact Report 2021 (summary)

Charity Bank CSR Policy 2021

Charity Bank Pillar 3 Disclosure 2021

Charity Bank Annual Report 2021

Charity Bank Environmental Policy 2023

Codes of Practice

Charity Bank complies with the Responsible Finance Code of Practice.

Principles of Values-Based Banks

Charity Bank shares the principles of values-based banks as outlined by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV).

Current and Historic Savings Interest Rates

For all Charity Bank savings documentation including historical/current interest rates, terms for savers, and application forms, please visit our documents library.

For full details of our savings products visit our savings page.

Loan Application Form

If your project appears suitable for loan finance, we will ask that you fill in our application form which gathers information that will allow us to assign a local manager to help you with the application process.

Additional charges & fees for loans

This page contains the standard charges we make for the listed services. The exact charge will be agreed with you in advance.